Treeprotection and - mounting

Protect and mount your trees
Planting or covering an orchard can always be a challenge. Fruit Support Europe offers solutions that work more efficiently and deliver a quality end-product. We are fully specialised in importing and supplying a complete package of support and covering materials. Based in Kesteren, The Netherlands, we are able to offer quick delivery, outstanding quality, and great service. In summary, optimal support for you and your trees. If it’s support you require our specialists are at your service.
Beregenings Beugel

Irrigation Clamps

Bracket to mount the tube bracket to the concrete pile for various concrete piles 7×7 of 9×9.

Available Sizes
  • Irrigation Clamps 7*7
  • Irrigation Clamps 9*9


Multifunctional elastic of high quality rubber in different sizes. Only available per 5 kilograms

Available Sizes
  • 4cm 680st per kilo
  • 6cm 520st per kilo
  • 8cm 450st per kilo
  • 11cm 250st per kilo
  • 16cm 215st per kilo
  • 21cm 140st per kilo
  • 23cm 90st per kilo
Twin treefix

Twin Treefix

High-quality rubber that compared to normal treefix that these 2 tips.

Available Sizes
  • Twin Treefix 75/4mm 350st. per kilo
  • Twin Treefix 115/6.5mm 180st. per kilo
  • Twin Treefix 120/4.5mm 150st. per kilo
Safefix klemmen

Safefix clamps

SAFEFIX clamps are a high quality clip to attach sticks to the crop wire without damaging the fruit. Because the ends of this clip are curved around, you will not get any damage to your crop, trees or hands.

Available Sizes
  • Safefix clamps nr. 1 (16-26mm)
Stebofix klemmen

Stebofix clamps

High quality clips to attach the poles to the wire in various sizes

Available Sizes
  • Stebofix nr 0 12-16mm
  • Stebofix nr 1 16-26mm
  • Stebofix nr 2 26-41mm
  • Stebofix nr 3 41-56mm
  • Stebofix RVS nr 1 16-26mm
Slang afstandhouder klem

Hose distance holder

Plastic clips to attach a drip line to a wire at +/- 10cm

Available Sizes
  • Hose distance holder 16mm
  • Hose distance holder 20mm
Slang afstandhouder klem

Hose distance holder type S

Plastic clips to attach a drip line to a wire at +/- 10cm

Available Sizes
  • Hose distance holder 16mm (Type S) (0.0-4.0mm)
  • Hose distance holder 20mm (Type S) (0.0-4.0mm)
  • Hose distance holder 25mm (Type S) (0.0-4.0mm)
  • Hose distance holder32mm (Type S) (0.0-4.0mm)
Slang Ophangklem type s

Irrigation holder type S

Plastic clamps to dripline to wire.

Available Sizes
  • Irrigation holder type S 16MM
  • Irrigation holder type S 20mm
Slang ophangklem

Irrigation holder

Plastic clamps to dripline to wire.

Available Sizes
  • Irrigation holder 16mm
  • Irrigation holder 20mm

Clips to bend

Plastic clips to attach sticks to the beam wire

Available Sizes
  • Clips to bend 70mm
  • Clips to bend 110mm

Rebstar clip

Plastic clips to attach sticks to the beam wire

Available Sizes
  • For wire with diameter 2,0 – 3,1 mm 

Stem holder

Plastic clips to attach a tree and/or stick to the wire (various lengths and wire diameters)

Available Sizes
  • Stemholder 125-1 (1.4mm- 1.8mm)
  • Stemholder 125-2 (2.0mm- 2.2mm)
  • Stemholder 125-3 (2.5mm- 2.8mm)
  • Stemholder 125-4 (3.0mm- 3.6mm)
  • Stemholder 125-5 (3.7mm- 4.3mm)
  • Stemholder 175-2 (2.0mm- 2.2mm)
  • Stemholder 175-3 (2.5mm- 2.8mm)
  • Stemholder 175-4 (3.0mm- 3.6mm)

Clips for net

Plastic clips, lenght 21mm


Fire pots / Frost protection

Fire pots to protect your fruit from night frost


– Material: parafine
– Burning time: +/- 8-12 hours

Rema tang

Holder pincer

Tang to help stem holders to wire.

Available Sizes
Pincer deluxe


Strong quality tree protectors to attach to the plants

Available Sizes
  • Flexguard 55/6    (200 per bag)
  • Flexguard 55/11  (120 per bag)
  • Flexguard 55/15  (75 per bag)
  • Flexguard 65/11  (120 per bag)
  • Flexguard 80/11  (120 per bag)
  • Flexguard 80/15  (75 per bag)
  • Flexguard 110/11 (120 per bag)
  • Flexguard 110/15 (75 per bag)


Strong quality tree protection nets in various sizes and colours

Available Sizes
  • Treeprotectioner green 60cm 46gr/s
  • Treeprotectioner black 60cm 46gr/s
  • Treeprotectioner blue 60cm 46gr/s
  • Treeprotectioner black heavy 60cm 65gr/s
  • Treeprotectioner green heavy 60cm 65gr/s
Bindbuis netje


• Very convenient to use, the connective tube stays clean
•Packed per box of 16 neatly

Available Sizes
  • Bindingtube black 2.5mm
  • Bindingtube black 3.5mm
  • Bindingtube black 4.5mm
Bindbuis in zak

Bindingtube in pocket

Bindingtube in bag in sizes 3 and 5 mm only available in the color green.

Available Sizes
  • Bindingtube 3mm (3000m in bag)
  • Bindingtube 5mm (1200m in bag)


Band made of very strong plastic. Is often used for the tree to fasten to a pole.

Available Sizes
  • Treviratape white 15mm 50mtr/Roll
Bindbuis gesneden

Bind tube cut

Bind tube black cut to 30 cm and is 6 mm thick.

Available Sizes
  • Bind tube Cut 30 cm 6 mm black

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